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Welcome to The Pink Poodle spa & boutique This concept was created with great love and passion for all dogs!

We are a team of pet LOVERS and pet owners who believe that our furry family members deserve only the best! When we say best, we mean best of everything- from our Groomers, to our atmosphere, to our Bakery and Boutique, we’ve carefully selected every detail to make sure your pet is well taken care of. We are the experts in pet care and ensuring your pet is clean, confident and healthy is our number one priority!


Jessica Gardner owner of The Pink Poodle spa & boutique

Born and raised here in Greenville, N.C., I have always been a dog lover and owner. At 17 years old I was introduced to the Grooming industry, fell in love with it, attended Grooming School, and became a “Pet Stylist” at 18 years old. I have been providing Pet Grooming Service here in (my home town) Greenville for 16 years.

My mission for The Pink Poodle is to provide a welcoming, beautiful, safe and fun environment, that not only enhances a pet’s beauty but also promotes healthy living to improve the quality of life for dogs. My goal is to help dogs live their most fulfilled BEST LIFE! Dogs are our most loyal companion, we can always count on to provide complete, unconditional love why not spoil them!

Caring for and glamming up pups is my passion! I’m dedicated and committed to providing you and your furry friend with exceptional customer service, in a safe and loving environment. I only employ the friendliest, most caring individuals who’ll give you and your pet the best service possible. Everyone who works here loves pets and want to see them thrive. We take our time and treat each of our clients as an individual. I invite you to visit The Pink Poodle to discover the very best for your pet.

We’re more than just your average dog groomers.

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