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the pink poodle spa, boutique & bakery Your furry friend could use a spa day!

We’ll make sure your dog or cat has a fluffy, shiny coat year-round.

Whether you have a Poodle, Golden Retriever, Tabby Cat or Beagle, we’ll tailor our grooming services to suit your furry friend needs.

Maintain your dog’s general health and wellness, at our fabulous Spa. Let our Pet Glam squad give your fur baby the extra TLC they desire. We offer everything from simple Baths to our “Full-Service Groom,” “Pawdicure” package, “De-Shedding Treatment,” “Blueberry Facial,” and so much more!

All of our Pet Stylists and Bathers pay very special attention to the needs of their clients (both dogs and humans). We know Grooming can sometimes be stressful for some dogs. Our goal is to keep your pet comfortable and happy during their grooming process. Aiming to make their experience as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

spa services

bath & brush packages

  • Nails Trim
  • Ear Plucking and/or Cleaning
  • Anal glands expression [optional]
  • Warm bubble bath using one of our premium shampoos best suited for your dog’s coat and color
  • A warm towel wrap
  • Blow out and fluff dry
  • Coat brushing and loose hair removal
  • Cologne (optional)
  • Bows and bandanna (optional)


*Please note: Prices can increase due to poor conditions of pet’s coat, temperament, and fleas.

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bath & trim packages

“Bath and Trim” Package includes everything that’s in the “Bath & Brush” package plus, sanitary trim, paw pads hair removal and trimming only around your pet’s face, feet, and tail.

*Please note: Prices can increase due to poor conditions of pet’s coat, temperament, and fleas.

full-service groom package

“Full-Service Groom” Package includes everything that’s in the “Bath & Brush” package, plus sanitary trim, paw pads hair removal, bread standard haircut or your choice of an all over Haircut and style.

*Please note: Prices can increase due to poor conditions of pet’s coat, temperament, and fleas. If your pet’s coat is matted, extra fees will apply and we will have no other choice but to shave your pet hair SHORT! Consult with your groomer to see how often you should brush and comb your pet’s hair (at home). As well as how often you should get your fur baby professional groom.

walk-in nail trimming

Have a pup that walks through the house tapping his nails on the floors? Or maybe a pup that can’t help but jump up to welcome you home from the day, leaving your arms and legs scratched up. We can help you out with that!

We offer both nail clipping and nail grinding. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Nail clipping is your traditional way of trimming a dog's nails but tends to still leave edges sharp. Nail grinding smooths sharp nail edges, leaving a better and longer lasting result.



*If your pet has fleas extra fees will apply. We like to keep our facility flea free! Consult your veterinarian in regards to the best flea/tick prevention for your pup, prior to your visit.

*All Pets must show proof that they’re current on their rabies shot, tag won’t do!

*Our “Bath & Brush” Services can take anywhere between 2-4 hours.

*Our “Bath & Haircuts” Services can take anywhere between 4-6 hours.
PLEASE be patient with our groomers, we’re working on wiggly clients, with sharp scissors. This requires our patience and undivided attention. It’s hard to pinpoint a definite time your pet will be ready, however we will call you when your baby is ready for pick up.

FOR FASTER SERVICE REQUEST OUR “EXPRESS GROOM” in advance at booking. For small dogs – get your pup Groom within 2hrs for an ADDITIONAL FEE of $10.00.

For medium-size dogs, get your pup groomed within 2 ½ hours for an ADDITIONAL FEE of $15.00.

For large dogs, get your pup groomed within 4 hours for an ADDITIONAL FEE of $20.00.
Extra large & double coated dogs are unable to receive an express groom.

To schedule a grooming appointment we require a $20.00 Deposit per pet at the time of booking. This Deposit covers our “No-Show Fee” in the event that you don’t give a 24-hour notice (or 48-hour notice if booking two or more pets) to cancel or reschedule your grooming appointment. As long as you show up to your scheduled appointment time or gave a 24- hour or 48-hour notice to cancel, your deposit will be used towards (deducted from) your grooming total at check-out.

grooming satisfaction

The owner and employees of The Pink Poodle make their best effort to interpret the grooming instructions given. All grooming is guaranteed for 72 hours. Anything that is brought to our attention, within reason, will be fixed free of charge. After 72 hours, any work done will be charged an additional grooming fee.

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